Loan Portfolio Due Diligence

Loan Portfolio Due Diligence – Acquiring a bank or portfolio is a large undertaking that requires expertise to quickly and clearly cut through the issues.  We have worked on over 30 due diligence projects to provide for a more comprehensive understanding of the nature and quality of the target loan portfolio.  We understand our work may have a meaningful impact to the price or structure of an acquisition.   Our efficient process is customized to support your leadership team with the knowledge they need to make the best investment decision.    Our experience can assist you to best identify the scope of a due diligence project to provide for the most efficient use your time and money.  We work with you to understand any potential concerns within the loan portfolio and apply our proprietary process to review individual relationships for unidentified risk.

To learn more about our Due Diligence services, please read, download or print our Due Diligence service sheet.